"It is New Years Eve of 2013 and a note of thanks for all you have done to keep my business going. You are always on time to pick me up and your vehicle is clean. You're a pleasure to travel around Metro Denver with. Thank you also for doing some work organizing my office. Keep up the good work; I will be calling often in 2014."

Thomas Quinlan, CEO
Purven Corporation

"Angelia is driven, extremely personable and an expert communicator. She goes above and beyond assisting clients with their needs and always with an enthusiastic attitude. Angelia makes people happy- by both her expert assistance and positive approach. When it comes to customer service and sales, she truly excels and does an exceptional job."

Dana Wodtke
Dating and Life Purpose Coach

"Angelia is always there for me in a pinch! She has assisted me with organizing my home office, kitchen and dining areas. Her solutions for my home were innovative and practical and just what I needed to help maintain some order in my home. She's also ran business errands for me. She's always on time and my associates are quick to let me know how fabulous she is and ask "where did you find her?!?!".

Additionally, Angelia has been taking my family's holiday photos for the past 4 years. My daughters love her and light up every time they see her. The photos are genuine and truly capture the essence of our family thanks to Angelia's warmth and enthusiasm.

It's such a relief to know that when I need a hand, Angelia is there for me!"

Aubrey Ryan
Fundraising Database Manager, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
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